It’s from untried combinations  that   great flavours are born
Make way for the bold

Visit the Spazio Milano and try local gourmet dishes, prepared with the creativity of the young cooks of Niko Romito Formazione


Culinary experimentation to rediscover the pleasure of experiencing food

Contemporary and dynamic, the Spazio Milano restaurant, on the top  floor of the Il Mercato del Duomo,
will surprise you with the knowledgeable use of ingredients and produce,
unexpected combinations, and its glorification of taste.
And, especially, with passion.

The passion of the young cooks from Niko Romito Formazione
that will lead you, from the kitchen to the dining room, in a tasty experience
of investigation, novelties and memories.
A cuisine that is both modern and popular, that combines technical exploration and creativity.

Come and join us at the Spazio Milano.
Make way for a new style of foodservice.


Come and meet the young cooks from Niko Romito Formazione at the Spazio Milano restaurant

The school was founded in 2011 and offers courses for aspiring chefs.

Pic by Francesco Fioramonti


The goal is not only to prepare a dish, but also to understand it: learning the origin of the ingredients, their chemical composition and the importance of ingredient and produe.


Make way for the young ones, for experimentation, for a restaurant without boundaries between kitchen and dining room.
Make way for those who always want to try something new.
Make way for a cuisine where creativity and cooperation stand side by side, without hierarchies.
Make way for newly discovered formulas, for flavours that have never been combined, and the ones we have always known.
Make way to a new style of foodservice.


Pic by Francesco Fioramonti



Niko Romito was born in Castel di Sangro, in the Province of L’Aquila.
He is a chef and, together with his sister Cristiana, owner of the Reale|Casadonna  restaurant in Castel di Sangro.
He is known at an international level as “master of the cuisine of the ingredient”, always keeping his principles: ongoing research, respect for tradition and a close tie to his land.

Pics by Brambilla Serrani e Alberto Zanetti 

Join us at the Spazio Milano
ome and find it on the fourth floor of the Il Mercato del Duomo.

We are open every day from 12.30 a.m until 2.30 p.m and from 7.30  until 10 .00 p.m.

tel: +39 02.878400